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Handcrafted soap made in New Zealand

Natural Vegetable Oils.
No Palm Oil.
No added hardeners.
Tested on Family.. not animals!!!

Buy 3 or more items, and get $1 off each item !!!

Frangipani Soap

Coconut Shampoo bar

Coconut & Lime Soap

Almond & Turmeric Soap

Shampoo Bars

Made using the old fashioned cold-pressed method, our blend of natural vegetable oils makes for a soft shampoo bar that is full of nutrients and produces a good lather to clean and soften your hair. The oils we use eliminates the need for an additional conditioner and will help to solve hair and scalp issues in a natural way, further boosted by our generous quantity of organic hemp seed oil. Our shampoo soap can also be used as body soap, to help heal, soften and moisturise your skin.

Soap Bars

Handmade from natural vegetable oils and NZ spring water, we have a wide range of different scented soaps to satisfy your needs. From luxurious floral fragrances and exotic scents. to soaps that focus on moisturising and healing wounds and blemishes. Our natural oils can help heal your skin, further aided by our elimination of chemical hardeners that would otherwise dry and damage sensitive skin. Unlike some other soaps, we do not use palm oil and substitute that with more environmentally friendly products.

Eco Friendly

We too care for the environment and try to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. When plastic is used to protect your delivery ( sometimes wet weather and soap mix a bit too well ), we encourage you to re-use the zip-lock bag and in some cases bubble wrap. If you are comfortable with using paper/card packaging only, then you have an option to select this more env friendly option when you check out.

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